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03-29-06 09:01
This thing is way too addicting. I don't think I am going to post anymore. I spend too much time reading and writing...Thanks for the little time we were together!
I have spent the whole day alone, watching a movie and doing homework. Maybe it's the movie that made me miss him so much, maybe it's just the fact that I have no one else to talk to. I hate it when we are apart, when I am not with him I am thinking of him. I guess he will come home soon enough...

I feel very lost. I knew grewing up had it's consiquences. My family is making decisions, I mean huge ones. I don't even hear about them until after they happen. My brothers and I are very close. I just wish we didn't live all over the country, maybe we could tell eachother more, be there for eachother more. Do you ever feel that the world keeps spinning and you are just standing there watch it all happen around you and you can't keep up?
what time? 03-09-06 01:23
I can't believe I am still working on this painting. I have been doing this since 2 o'clock yesterday morning. It is now 2:45 am and I am still not done! Seriously, why do Arch professors feel it necessary to give a 30 hour project a 34 hour time frame? They're crazy!
coffee 03-05-06 19:26
I love coffee...I don't know how I would get through a day without it. Maybe if my sleeping habbits changed I could, but I don't know when that is going to happen. Coffee makes me super hyper, though. I love it...now I can stay up all night!!
alone :o ( 03-01-06 20:34
I hate being alone. I get distracted easier. I know it seems weird but it's true. My mind wanders when I don't have someone to talk to while I am doing my work. Plus, it is just nice to have someone around to laugh with.

enough with the procrastination, I have a project to do...
love 03-01-06 09:58
last night we were together and i was overcome with happiness. he makes me so happy. i was over flowing with love. so this is what it feels like to really be in love!?!
him 02-27-06 19:48
I love him...I know I do...when I am with him I am so happy! But I am so scared...what if I let him get away, what if I do something wrong and he leaves me. He brought up marriage again today. It is a very flattering thought, but I feel that I am too young. When I am with him I think, "yeah, I could do this" and then when I leave my 'practicle' side kicks in and tells me I am not ready, I am still in school, I am too young, he is too young.
Architorture 02-26-06 18:18
For the first time...ever...I feel like a designer. I have been studying architecture for 4 years and I finally feel like there is a chance I could possibly be good at it!

I really love designing and what better way to do it then to make something practical?

I call it architortue because that is how our professors treat it! 4 architecture classes and they each give us about 30 hours of work a week. That on top of work and a boyfriend keeps my sleeping to a max of 3 hours a night.

I've been dating this guy for 4 months now. To me that is a short relationship. But I feel like I know him so well. I know I am not ready to marry, but I could honestly marry this guy if he asked. He hasn't met my family, but I could see him fitting in so well. Honstely, I am a little afraid that I am getting so attached so fast! Though I do know that I love him.
Hello, 02-23-06 12:03
My name is rapunzel. I'm new to elowel.